What to Serve With Tuna Steaks? 9 of The Best for This Fish

Tuna steak is my go to food when I want to start a healthy eating plan. It’s packed with protein, gives you good fat content, and provides you with omega 3 fatty acids.

One Saturday night in bed, while nearly finishing a tub of vanilla ice cream and watching a movie, I realized I needed to jumpstart another healthy eating diet. So the following week, I bought some tuna steaks, a tub of protein shake and some running clothes (good thing my running shoes are still fine after all these years).

That evening I checked some cookbooks and scoured the Internet to look for perfect pairings for my tuna steaks. Let me share with you what to serve with tuna steaks that I've learned.


9 Perfect Pairings for Your Tuna Steaks

1. Vegetables (Put some green into your life)

With veggies and tuna, the possibilities are endless. One heavenly pairing is grilled tuna and asparagus. Place some sun-dried tomatoes on top of your tuna to give it that acidic kick. Also, if you like a bit more variety in your greens try putting your Tuna steak atop a simple Caesar salad.

The mixed greens and radishes would add a little bit of crunch to the fish. Lastly, you could also give your tuna dinner a little Asian flair by tossing in some stir fried red and green peppers.


Caesar Salad Via Gimmesomeoven

2. Wine (Nope, not in the food but in a glass)

Put some romance and class in your tuna by matching it up with wine. To be honest, you could pair tuna with a light white wine or gulp it down with a stronger red variety. But if I may make a suggestion try it with a red dry southern French rose wine.

This type of wine is dry, fruity and fragrant and a bit on the light side compliments well with a pan seared tuna steak. Make sure you have a large bottle ready; It is so good you might just more than just one wine glass.


3. Avocado & Mango (Brighten that fish up)

Let us begin with the most obvious pairing, which is the ripe mango. Tuna’s strong fishy taste just tastes magnificent when it gets a bit of kick of mango. I’m pretty sure you have already had a grilled tuna steak with some mango salsa on top of it.

But why don’t you try a little bit of apple and mango salad as an option to your tuna dinner? The apples would add that crunch that is missing from the dish.

 With avocado, you can have that island feel with your dish. Try mixing chunks of grilled tuna on an avocado salad, pair up with a mango smoothie and you can almost hear those island beats.

4. Rice (For those grainy days)

Of course, rice and tuna would be on the list, ever heard of something called sushi? To be perfectly honest any type of rice will do, white, basmati and even risotto. But for that perfect healthy punch try a little brown rice and tuna salad mixed with some greens. Brown rice has a higher nutritional content than white rice and might be the better option for all you health junkies out there.

5. Potatoes (One potato, two potato, three potato four!)

Enter Potato is the top starch when it comes to fish. Try to think of a potato dish and check if it works with tuna steak. Potato salad and tuna steak? Check.

What about some creamy potato gratin? Oh, Yes. Maybe you could try to have a little rosemary baby potatoes? Absolutely.

Even some good old-fashioned French fries and tuna steak works. When it comes to side dishes, just try to remember this simple but surefire motto; when in doubt just go with spud!


6. Noodles (Long, starchy, and absolutely divine)

Tuna steaks are just lovely when you place it on a bed of egg noodles. Try making the tuna steak teriyaki style and place it on top of some sesame noodles. If you want to your dish to have a bit of acidity, then try some seared tuna with Vietnamese style glass noodles (With limes, chili, and fish sauce).


If you want something with a little fire, then grill some tuna over some spicy soba noodles. The versatility in flavors and ability to fill up easily makes noodles a good partner to serve with tuna. Of course, you can always try to spaghetti noodles too. I wouldn’t mind having some sun dried tomato spaghetti with grilled tuna on top.

7. Mushrooms (A good idea has just sprouted)

Slice some mushrooms and toss it atop your tuna steak. Shitake and Portobello are high on the list if you want some mushrooms on your fish. These mushrooms just give enough flavors to compliment the tuna without overpowering it.


Peppered Tuna With Mushroom Sauce Via Food.com

Try making a mushroom gravy sauce and just pour it all over the tuna or a creative idea would be to grill some large Portobello mushrooms and stuff it with some tomatoes and a mild cheese. If you want to get a bit more creative with your dinner, then maybe you can try a little Portobello mushroom and celery salad spritzed with a little lemon juice.

8. Onions (There is no crying with this combination!)

Caramelized onions make a great addition to your pan seared tuna if you are planning to make a quick meal. How about if you want your tuna steak grilled? Then just grill some onion and tomatoes and toss in some grilled tuna steak slices for a great salad.

Another great idea would be to roast some large onions, drizzle it with some balsamic vinegar, and munch it with your fish. Onions also have good health benefits like vitamin C for immunity as well as chromium, which helps in the regulation of blood sugar.


Spicy Tuna Melt with Caramelized Onions Via Food52

9. Beans (Let us not these wonderful fruits)

Beans, when done right, does amazing things to your tuna steak dish. Toss in a simple white bean and tomato salad and your tuna will benefit from the nuttiness of the bean and acidity of tomatoes.

How about stepping it a bit further with some cannellini beans, cherry tomatoes, and some feta cheese salad? The cheese would add a new layer of creaminess that would just complete your dinner experience. And lastly, for a little Island flair, try pairing up those grilled tuna steaks with a bowl of Caribbean Black bean salad.

The complexity of flavors pairs well with the fish as well as the addition of spice. Put some ocean waves sounds and you can have yourself a mini island vacation right at your home.

Which item on the list you will pair with tuna steaks? Let me know in the comment section below.

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