Easy Side Dishes for Lobster That Make You Happy

Back in the old days, lobster was so cheap that it was literally the equivalent of prison grub. The supply was so plenty that people who served lobster considered the sea delicacy nothing out of the ordinary. Lobster, believe it or not, became the sign of poverty and degradation.

Flash forward to years of over-fishing, lobster made a triumphant comeback. The once lowly lobster became a commodity that only the affluent can afford. Today, lobster is usually reserved for special dinners and is often the highlight of a meal. For the rare dinners that you will be making lobster at home, I came up with a list of easy to do side dishes for lobster.  This list can make you and your family happy.


#1 Mix in some veggies

Okay, maybe some of you won't be happy with this entry but vegetables are one of the best side dishes for lobster. Simple vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and peas are very versatile and healthy. When locally grown and in-season, almost all vegetables taste divine. You can have grilled asparagus, coleslaw, roasted squash, and much more. Just keep your eyes and calendar open on what is in-season.


#2 Bread it up

What better way to sop up all the lobster juices than with some beautifully made crusty bread. Imagine how good it will be to taste that sweet lobster juice with that soft steaming bread and crispy, crackly outside crust. To keep your life simple, you can just buy bread at your neighborhood bakery. Some good examples of crusty bread are sourdough, rye , and baguette. Just make sure the bread you buy is fresh or at least warm them up in the oven to make it crusty again.


If you have the time and patience, you can take it up a notch and bake yourself your own bread. Here's an easy to do crusty bread recipe that can be a good side dish for lobster, will impress, make your taste buds happy and will only take 5 minutes to come together.

#3 Grab the butter when in doubt!

Oh, butter! Almost anything you put butter in turns into something really great and is probably the best dance partner for lobster. If you are looking for something that will not overpower the incredible flavors of lobster, stick to good old butter.


If you are feeling a little adventurous, maybe add a little lemon for an extra twist. You can also go for some garlic butter (another classic pairing), or for something extra special, try this bacon butter sauce cause butter, bacon and lobster might sound a bit too much but believe me, it is heavenly.

#4 Corn! Corn! And more Corn!

This makes me the happiest most. Lobster and corn are one of my most favorite food pairing. I just love how the sweetness of the corn complements the succulent taste of lobster.

You can stick with the basics (which are already perfect) and have steamed, boiled, or grilled corn on a cob. But if corn on the cob is not in season or is not available in your area, you can use canned corn to make corn fritters, cornbread, and corn chowder.


For more ways to dress up your corn in a cob, check these easy to make corn toppings that will make a perfect side dish for lobster.

#5 Potatoes, the versatile side

For something on the heavy side perhaps but definitely one of the best side dishes for lobster are made with potatoes. Any kind basically, baked potato, mashed potato, boiled potato, and even a simple potato salad will almost always do the trick.


#6 Toss it up with some rice!

There are a lot of options for rice as a side dish for lobster. You can use seafood broth or the water you used to boil the lobster in as your cooking liquid for the rice, some salt and pepper, and maybe a bit of parsley to create a nice seafood rice pilaf that will go well with the lobster.

I personally like wild mushroom risotto as the combination of it with the lobster makes the flavors more complex. You can also use this Chef David Burke's lemon rice recipe that is part of the most requested dish in his restaurant Davidburke & Donatella.


Wild mushroom risotto via Daisybrand.com

#7 More Seafood

Why not? Surely more seafood sounds a lot better! It surely is over the top for most but crab cakes, clam chowder, and baked scallops are the best side dishes for lobster. But if there is not enough room in your tummy for all that seafood, you can try some steamed clams in white wine for something a little bit lighter. This side dish will enhance the naturally sweet flavor of lobster and will truly make your tummy happy. Whoever said too much of a good thing is bad never tried this!


So there you have it! I am running to the market first thing in the morning to grab some lobsters, butter, and a big loaf of crusty bread. I hope my list made you hungry (it sure made me) and helped you in deciding the best side dishes for lobster that suits your palate best.

Which item on the list will spruce up your lobster dinner best? Let me know in the comment section below.

Mia Chambers

I'm Mia. I love cooking because it makes me feel closer to my family and my friend. In my early years, I was spent hours cooking alongside my mom. I really grateful and love the time in her kitchen. And the memories inspire me to get an apron & whip up something incredible.

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