How to Spice Up White Rice In 7 Easy Ways

I always find rice as an amazing partner for some of my dishes. This is the main reasons why Asian cuisine remains one of my all-time favorite things to eat. Although white rice has been slightly being overtaken by it’s healthier brown variety, I remain partial to the cleaner taste of the white rice as oppose to the chewier brown one.

I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to jazzing up white rice. Throughout my life, I always keep a small bag of white rice grains. So I can whip up quick and hassle free dishes. You will be surprised to know that the white rice can actually be the main component of the meal instead of just being a plain old side dish. Below are some of the various way I know and have tried to spice up white rice.


7 easy ways to spice up your white rice

1. Stir it up

Stir-ins are one of the easiest ways to make your rice have a bit of flavor. Most Asian countries have their very own version of stir-ins and I highly recommend that you check them out.

Sometimes a simple stir in can take your white rice dish up a notch. This method of sprucing up white rice is pretty handy for those college students and workaholic types who needs a quick yet appetizing nourishment as it is so easy to prepare.


The method is relatively simple: Just mix some spices and other ingredients to your cooked rice and voila! Instant rice meal that will make even the snootiest chefs proud. I highly recommend a simple butter and parmesan cheese mix for your stir in (A personal favorite of mine).

2. This white rice recipe is broth to you by…

Sometimes the simplest of beginnings are the ones that create the most satisfying endings. If you have some fresh chicken stock or some chicken bullion lying around then consider using those when boiling your rice. You will be amazed how a simple addition of broth can change the complexity of your dish.

3. Pudding a little spice in your rice

This is one of my cheapest all time favorite comfort food to make. With some eggs and milk, can instantly turn your boring white rice with into a pudding dessert that can be topped with anything that you fancy. You can add fruits, nuts, honey, or a dollop of whipped cream. One thing I like to do with this treat is topped it off with some semi-sweet chocolate shavings and some ripe mangoes.


4. Congee that smells terrific!

My daily visits to my favorite Chinese food haunt is never complete without a steaming bowl of congee. From the time I slurped my first bowl when I was young, I was hooked to congee ever since. I have definitely experimented with a variety of ingredients to top my congee (I have made a turkey congee that my friends absolutely adore). But nothing beats a warm bowl of classic Chinese congee made with chicken and topped with crispy garlic.

5. Get it rolling and make sushi

Nearly everyone I know just absolutely adores sushi. There is truly something magical about those Japanese chefs masterfully cut and prepare those little rolls of fish and rice right in front of your eyes.

The level of skill and precision is just astounding. I for one, crave a good plate of maki or nigiri at least once or twice a month. These simple and colorful dishes are just so highly addictive. But truth be told, a good sushi place would always cost me an arm and a leg.

So if you want to satisfy your sushi craving without breaking the bank I suggest you try making one at home. You will be pleasantly surprised that homemade sushi can also taste good and extremely budget friendly. 

Here is a great recipe as well as tips on how to make easy sushi at home by Minimalistbaker. Try this recipe and impress your family and friends with your sushi making prowess!

6. A wok to remember! Try some fried rice

Number 6 is pretty close to my heart, as this was one of the foods I use to prepare back when I was in college. Fried rice is one of those dishes that is super easy to make especially if you always have leftover white rice in your fridge (I have tons!).

Fried rice dishes are the ultimate on the go complete meals that are both filling and tasty. People seem to think that I am some sort of culinary genius every time I whip up a batch of my pineapple and pork fried rice. Little do they now that it literally just takes me several minutes to prepare that dish. Turning white rice into a fried rice dish is for me the best way to jazz it up. 

7. Make your salad rice up!

Most rice salad recipes are served cold and utilize dressings that can be made days ahead and will keep well in the fridge. This makes rice salad a very good dish to prepare yourself for days that you just lack the time or are just plain old tired to cook.

I myself have tried two rice salad recipes which yielded surprisingly good and exciting results. One recipe I tried and adored is a wild rice salad with corn, blueberries, and almonds from bonappetit.com. Give this one a whirl and you might just surprise yourself.


White rice doesn’t have to be that plain boring side dish you eat with your Chinese take outs. Just look at the wonderful creations other countries and cultures have done with this simple grain.

As the list shows us, it can be turned into a delightful appetizer, a soothing and filling soup, an all in one complete meal, and even a sweet ending for your main course. So always keep a bag of white rice ready in your pantry and try to make some of these tips on spicing it up.

If you have other stories about how to put a little pizzazz in your white rice, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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