How to Cook Turkey Neck and Save You Lots of Money

Sometimes when your food budget is a little tight, you have to think of creative ways to make food that is still delicious but won’t break the bank. My grandmother taught me a few tricks to make the most out of every penny so for financially trying times like this. I often go to the frozen section of the supermarket, scour through the isles, and look for my go-to cheap but delicious protein, turkey neck.

Now, this might seem weird to you since nobody usually eats that part of the turkey. But believe me, if cooked well like how my grandmother used to, turkey neck makes a really surprisingly amazing meal. Today, I’ll show you how to cook turkey neck and save you lots of money without having to sacrifice a good meal.


Where can you find turkey neck?

Before we proceed with the cooking, we need to know first where we can find turkey neck. The supply for turkey neck is incredibly high during Thanksgiving and Christmas season. But offseason, it is usually sold in packs of 6 in the frozen section of the supermarket.

If you are lucky enough to have a butcher near you, ask them if they have some fresh necks on stock in their fridge or if they can order for you from their turkey supplier. A pound of turkey usually sells for around 1 USD which is way cheaper than most cuts. Also, if you happen to have a whole turkey, you may cut the neck from the body and save it for some other time.

Preparing the turkey neck

So now that we got our turkey necks, we need to prepare it for cooking. The best way to dress the turkey neck is to cut it in half (across) so it can better fit the cooking pan that you will be using. I usually season it with salt and pepper at this stage to make it more flavorful and for the salt to tenderize the necks pre-cooking.

My grandmother put herbs during this point since she likes her turkey necks herby. But I prefer mine to be added during the cooking process as they sometimes overpower the flavor of the turkey neck. I don’t mean to argue with you, sorry grandma.

How to cook turkey neck?

There are several ways to cook turkey neck and I will tackle each one of them for you to be able to decide on which one you like best. Here it goes:


One of the best cooking methods for turkey neck is by turning it into a delicious stew. It often makes the turkey neck really tender and the slow cooking extracts most of the flavor inside the neck.

To do this, you must brown the turkey neck in oil, sauté it with some veggies, add some stock and simmer until the liquid is thick. Here is an example of a very good Jamaican Browned Stewed Turkey Neck recipe that you can try at home.

Deep Frying

If you are looking for something quick you can do, you can try deep-frying the turkey necks. In just a few minutes after prepping, you’ll have a wonderful juicy piece of meat and that really crispy skin. 

It’s very easy to do too! Just dredge them in seasoned flour and fry them. Here’s a video tutorial on how to deep fry turkey neck the K-Ray’s way.


Time is the biggest investment if you want some baked turkey neck. But if you are looking for that fall off the bone, melt in your mouth goodness, then baking the turkey neck is the way to go. The initial procedure is similar to how a stew is made.

You may check out this easy to do Baked Turkey Neck recipe so you can try it for yourself.


Baked Turkey Neck recipe by


This seems like an unconventional way to cook turkey necks but my uncle swears by it. He said that smoking takes the flavor of the turkey to another level and that it is so easy to do. And he wonders why not a lot of people are doing it.

My uncle starts by marinating his Cajun seasoned turkey necks overnight, grill or bake it the next day and put some of his favorite barbeque sauce after.

Check out this smoked turkey necks recipe so you’ll have an idea on how you can do it at home.

Try one out!

Now that you’ve learned how to cook turkey neck, you should give it a shot. Most of the recipes are easy to do but takes a bit of time and patience to get it done. The money you save up from using turkey neck as protein can help you buy that cookbook you’ve always wanted or that new apron that you’ve been eyeing.

Also keep in mind that turkey meat is one of the healthiest in the market and that though you are getting a cheaper cut, the nutritional value is almost the same.

Round up the Turkey!

• You may ask your neighborhood butcher for some turkey necks

• Cut turkey necks across to better fit in your cooking pan

• Turkey neck can be cooked by stewing, deep-frying, baking, and barbecuing

For tomorrow’s dinner, I am making some barbecued turkey necks on the grill and I know it is going to be succulent, smoky, tasty, and will surely make my granny proud. My budget might be tight, but it doesn’t mean my belly has to suffer. I hope this article helped you get an idea on how to cook turkey neck.

Have you tried any turkey neck recipes before? Let us know how you cook your turkey neck at the comment section below.

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